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Our service

We provide professional services in all areas of the lifecycle of medical devices. 


We help patients in the field of urology, uro-oncology, uro-gynecology, gynecology and other areas. 

Our representation

Our medical devices can be purchased in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and other countries. 


For effective treatment, it is always necessary to identify the cause of the problem and choose the right product. The medical device may be a tool, apparatus, device, software, or other article intended by a manufacturer for use in humans for the purpose of diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, treating or alleviating the disease and other purposes.

A definition that specifies what is a medical device is part of the Medical Device Act No. 268/2014 Coll. Medical devices are subject to strict EU and national approval procedure. Other than approved EPs - which are CE marked - must not be shipped to the market.

Medical devices we market help to assist the patients in the field of urology, urology, uro-gynecology, gynecology and other areas.




Dexell VUR - Injectable implant for the treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR). 


The Universal Neonatal Foot Orthotic Brace as a revolutionary solution developed specifically for the treatment of metatarsus adductus (MTA) in newborns.